Andrea Devereux


For my final project I will design a rug intended for a child’s room that will appeal not only to a child’s fascination with bright colors but also to the artistic eye of the parent. One of several design concepts that I may implement includes a collection of irregular shapes, harmonious in color, that create a design or a scene much like a mosaic. Another possible design concept includes a series of geometric shapes, also harmonious in color, that create a sort of optical illusion. Or, a sequence of slightly irregular shapes that simply create an interesting abstract design. Of the several ideas in mind all include a collection or series of similar shapes in harmonious color schemes that will delight color curious children (boy or girl) and draw the interest of parents.

The biggest challenge that I anticipate encountering with this project is deciding on which of the many design possibilities to pursue and then re-creating the idea as envisioned. I also foresee running into difficulty choosing a color scheme. I plan to approach this project with several rough ideas and several color schemes. From there I will begin arranging basic shapes in different orders with each scheme until a harmonious composition catches my eye. By starting with a few different design concepts and applying complimentary color schemes one at a time I will be able to find an appropriate scheme that will maximize color use in the most effective way.



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