Carl Phillips

Living in a motorhome can be a great life. Every day is an adventure. But, unless your wealthy and can afford a fancy new RV, you probably will be forced to buy an old coach. The interior of these vintage coaches can be rather dated and bland, not to mention worn out. My coach is a 1982 model and, even though it was in pretty good shape when I bought it, it is starting to wear now. The interior always had a boring look but why should I have to live with it. So, next summer I plan on a complete remodel of my coach. There are places where you can get custom fabric made from your own design. I figure why not use my skills as a graphic designer and create my own unique interior.

I have always been a fan of southwestern designs so that played a big part in my design proposals. I am thinking of using soft pastel colors with low saturation levels. I could also go with a lot of dissonance color but I have to be careful that I don’t go overboard because I may have to live with it for a long time. For the ground I am thinking a light brown, tan or cream color.

My third design has the least southwestern design influences. My thinking with this design was to achieve a winter or Christmas feel. This probably would not be a great pattern for everyday living but it could be a pretty cool fabric for a slip cover or blanket around Christmas time. For this design I would probably use a blue hue with a fairly dark value and high saturation for the ground. The snowflakes would be a light blue with a lot less saturation. The stripes could be just about any high saturation color because they need to be reminiscent of colorful ribbons.


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