Cassie Smith

The underlying idea behind my final project is a design like those found on folders and notebooks. I chose this as my subject because it doesn’t specifically have to be bouncy but it doesn’t have to be dark either. I am a graphic design student, and my goal for working with this subject matter is to produce a quality portfolio with a wide range of designs. I hope to achieve a quality abstract design, with eye catching colors that could be used almost anywhere or on anything for that matter.

I plan on achieving my goals by using multiple shapes and hues, perhaps even by using two sets off complimentary colors blended together or using “psychedelic” colors. The design principles I plan to utilize are symmetrical/asymmetrical placement as well as revisiting the Gestalt theory. There will be depth, rhythm and movement through out my designs. To demonstrate these principles in my thumbnails I will be doing them all in color, then shifting each color to it’s appropriate Grayscale. I actually face quite a few challenges completing this final design. One of which is a handicap I have been working with since day one that I will elaborate more on after the design is completed to ensure that there is no bias based on the issue. My other challenges that come with this design is making sure that the design is eye fetching, and intriguing. Where I want the design to look like it could be seen anywhere, I want it to be completely original. I plan on overcoming these challenges one step at a time, making sure the design and color is eye fetching will be to express bouncy and lively emotions without making the design too simple. I want the design to explain itself but I want to avoid boredom. Making sure that the design is completely original I have done research into the designs currently being used, and while taking ideas I am avoiding reusing the design. I have found that to observe another artists designs help spark the imagination, but also show you what kind of concepts are visually intriguing.


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