Heidi Dorpfield

My faith in God has been a priority in my life for twenty years and I would like to convey a message with my design through the use of color and known symbols in an orderly fashion. I believe God is the creator and sustainer of life and that is one idea I hope to portray. He is the ultimate designer and everything He designed has order and purpose.

I plan on using complimentary colors and a high contrast of value and saturation to show the energy and excitement one’s faith can produce. The basic shape of a circle represents the everlasting since there is no end to it. Blue and yellow is what I have in mind because they seem to represent the qualities of nature in water and light, particularly the sun. I hope to use negative space and a strong contrast in shapes and color used in a formal type design with symmetry.

The challenge of this project will be choosing which thumbnail to develop and finding the best color combination that will due the subject matter justice while making the design pop and please the eye of the viewer. I will meet this challenge by experimenting with different types of color palettes and stay open to trying non-typical color schemes.


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