Heidi Lindquist

For my final project I really wanted to focus on a visual concept of music and rhythm. Music is vibration, emotion, sensual, and evokes a sense of emotional freedom. My goal for this project is to be able to capture the movement of colors and sound waves that is present within the sounds of every instrument in a song. I want to use either pinks and cyan or oranges and cyan. Pink represents soft and tranquil while cyan can give a sense of security, confidence and passion as felt while listening to music. Orange is said to be used to show youthfulness, high spirits and creativity.

I would like to use complimentary or analogous palettes. The abstract shapes that I plan to use are multiple flowing waves, rounded objects paired with hard lines. In my thumbnail sketches you can see these various shapes intertwining with each other.

The challenges I anticipate are not having enough shapes in the composition. To me music floats; it takes you wherever your mind wants to be; it may be chaotic or it may just stream. I don’t want the composition to be too busy or not busy enough. This is why I tried to incorporate a little of both. I have placed the images side by side because lengthwise, it was not visually appealing with the one composition laid out vertically.


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