Jason Franco

Since I’ve started working at a wedding and party store I have had a lot of time to notice shapes, designs, colors, settings, and patterns that please me aesthetically. I like bright colors coupled with monochrome designs. A pattern I have a lot of love for is damask. The history of the pattern has intrigued me ever since my father brought one home from over seas. I have chosen to replicate a newer damask design as my final project because I believe I will be able to give it a personal spin. Simplified and with a touch of new age appeal I hope to make something up completely new.

I hope to achieve my goals by using an assortment of shapes and the tools arc, free transform, spiral, line, and the suggested twirl tool. As slightly mentioned before I want to try and keep the monochrome style but have a wild pop thrown in. With saturation tricks I hope to tie in the background and foreground. I assume I will have to use a split or tetrad color scheme to get the right feel but that could change when the designs are done. Never mind the colors in my thumbnails I will try and give you an idea of how I plan to use asymmetry to give a little extra challenge to making sure the two elements flow properly. I expect mastering the right effects to get a good damask pattern to be a huge challenge. Getting the two color ideas to give the right appeal will also be hard I assume. I plan to try and recall all I can from set ups at work mixed with what I have learned here to make a finally fluid design.


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