Jill Hamrick

For my final project, I have decided to work with color in patterns. For my design thumbnails I have created a few different patterns in which I will be able to play around with the color in different ways, to make the patterns appear differently. My inspiration for this idea came from thinking about change, in my life, and in the world around me. When thinking about changes that need to make place, it’s kind of like going from black to white, and it can be a very good thing. So the idea behind my designs is to show change. With contrast and color from dark to light, this change will express exploring new ideas. I haven’t tried creating too many patterns before in the past, so this was fun, and also took me some time.
I want to create interesting patterns, that aren’t necessarily completely orderly, so I may make a change or two the thumbnail I choose to continue to work with, just to make it more interesting along with the color that will be added. I plan on working with colors that can demonstrate an appealing transformation from one to the other, and may not make sense normally. I want to create a pattern that I will find to be something I am proud of. I plan on facing a few challenges, seeing as how I have already experienced some creative block with it, but I think that now I got the ball rolling, it should come much easier to me. I plan on working with my patterns a bit more, creating my color palettes, and coming up with a great final project.


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