Josie Montano

As someone studying to be an animator, movement is usually a main focus. That movement usually tells a story. But so much movement can get people tangled up in a mess as well. “Tangled Up” is a perfect choice for my project because there’s been more than one moment where I’ve gotten myself stuck in certain situations. The same goes for many people. Hopefully by creating this piece, I can lure my viewer by leading them through a crazy yet fun and vibrant pathway in my design. The main focus in the design would be to tangle the subjects into a wiry mess, to a point where they are at a tugging standstill. I also want to use the main methods to create depth, to do the exact opposite. There will be depth, but I want to confuse the viewer as to what is where, and keep them entertained, as if someone were solving a puzzle. If I play my cards correctly, the human instinct to want to have everything in order will work in my favor.

My biggest challenge will be to keep this composition chaotic without overwhelming the intended viewer. While I do want to have “chaotic” depth, I also want to keep it organized in way that the composition remains appealing and harmonious. As for color, I want to stay in the range of analogous warm or warm to cool color schemes. I want to avoid using blue, since that color is too calm for the theme that I am going for; I am most likely going to stick to warmer colors since they are bolder and more distracting colors. I also want to use color to continue with my theme and its very quick tale. The ground will contrast the design while the choices in color keys (in the design) separate the subjects from the problem in the design, which would be the tangled lines.


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