Josue Ayala

In my final project I did a design with some triangle shapes. For some reason my oldest daughters loves triangle shapes. The first set of thumbnails are from her blanket that my mother gave her, I just took out most of the text and characters from the blanket. My goals are to put my skills to the test and really show what I have learned in this course. I want to have the confidence in placing color without having to worry about if I’m doing it wrong.

The color strategies that I plan to use are maybe triad, tetrad and my dissonance, since I had some trouble with dissonance I might consider that one. The challenges that I anticipate are adding the color in it’s desired place and trying to get it to have some harmony, unless I go with dissonance. I plan to overcome these challenges, again, by using my new skills that I have developed in this course to my design.


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