Keith Underwood

The subject matter I have chosen to base my design idea is entitled, Splotches of Color, and it is my intent to convey as much as I’ve learned from this course as I’m preparing to complete this composition. I have chosen this subject because of my attraction to colorful art. I have always had a fascination with color, and blending colors to get certain effects in art is something I have always admired. My desired goal is to create a final design that will display many variations of color, and give the viewer a moment to reflect on the chosen color scheme, and feel the intended emotion involved. Yet, in order for my design to be a good design, I know that by utilizing the design guidelines that I have learned thus far, will enhance my chances of making a good design, and that is how I intend to achieve my goals.

I know that in order to achieve this goal I will have to implement as much of what I have learned, and just be creative. I think as a challenge, selecting a strong color scheme to support my ideas. To overcome this, I will create different color palettes until I create what I am attempting to do with the content and forming of my composition.

I have submitted 4 drafts that represent only ideas… Thank you in advance for any responses.


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