Krista Baumgartner

Since being introduced to, I have become quite interested in designing a textile pattern. My mother is an avid quilter, and I thought that fabric designed by me would be a great Mother’s Day present next spring. For this project I have decided to create an abstract fabric pattern that would be suitable for use in a quilt. Creating a pattern for fabric requires a formal design, so that when it is printed the design repeats itself in all directions.

As far as color is concerned, I plan to experiment with complementary, split-complementary, monochromatic, and analogous palettes. As the pattern will be repeating, it will be important to use color to define focal points and to create a sensation of depth. As the design is meant for quilting, it will also be essential to develop a color palette that coordinates easily with other fabrics, as contrast in a quilt is created by the use of many different fabrics. I think that my greatest challenge will be in developing a design that visually interesting and sophisticated, while maintaining the formal simplicity required by a design that repeats itself. To face this challenge I plan to spend a lot of time creating several thumbnails, as well as experimenting with unique shapes and patterns.


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