Lindsay Williamson

The subject matter for my final project is going to be a piece of wall art for a nursery or a small child’s room. I am 7 months pregnant and expecting a little girl at the end of May. It is only natural that I am quite caught up in the process of designing and decorating her room right now. The room theme is garden-like with flowers and birds. This project calls for an abstract design; therefore the wall art will complement the room theme but not necessarily match it or be a realistic nature scene.

In working with this subject matter, my goal is to present an overall aesthetic of life/living/alive, happiness/contentment, calm and flow. I plan to achieve my goals through the use of a color palette that supports the desired aesthetic and the design principles of size, shape, color and unity. I feel that the expression of “calm and flow” would be best represented through unity but I plan to include at least one thumbnail sketch with a design using a focal point just to see another option. I would like to explore a monochromatic color scheme, a complementary color harmony and a split color harmony in this design process. The value and saturation of each hue in these given strategies will remain light and soft in an effort to maintain the aesthetic of a baby nursery. The challenges that I anticipate during this development process are keeping the design abstract and choosing the final combination of the most appropriate design and the best color strategy. I will constantly review my own work using this proposal as a guide and I will be open to feedback from my instructor and peers in order to overcome these challenges.


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