Matthew Abplanalp

I have this loving girlfriend I have been with for the better part of three years now, she loves getting things from me that I made myself and didn’t have to go buy from a store. So I am going to create this design to frame and give to her as a gift. She will like it no matter what it looks like so I figured I will make her something with the new techniques I have learned in this class. Yet still have it turn out looking unique and unforgettable.
I want to use the color to give a warm, gentle, but still alive and full of energy feeling to the design. I will be experimenting with monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and maybe even split complimentary color harmonies to complete the design. The colors should aid in the illusion of depth in the design as well as give the design an expression that fits what I am going for. The challenges I could see in the final drafts of developing this project are creating the right expressive feeling through the colors and the only way I can get around that is to make sure I have enough people tell me their opinions on it before deciding what to do with it in the final draft.

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