Nathan Snyder

This week’s assignment has been the hardest one for me to develop a workable idea for, and even harder for me to actually like any of the parts I created to manifest the ideas I had. Mostly this is because of a confluence of events in my personal life which has left me fairly exhausted and worn out since late last week, with no useful time to rest and recoup, and unfortunately that has spilled over into my class work this week. I am neither happy nor proud that I couldn’t keep the two separated, but such is life, the milk is spilt, and the show must go on!

Inspiration finally struck and I decided to revisit some of the group of ideas and design components that I had swamped my computer with when I was working on W3A3. I had really enjoyed exploring how various simple shapes could be repeated, slightly altered and then reworked together to create more elaborate designs. So I decided to look at some of the ideas I had come up with then while trying to enhance my presentation so as better explore scale, gravity, and depth as well as exploring shading with color intervals.

While I think I could explore these concepts with all four designs, the first lower design is the one I think I can both do the most with as well as being the one I like more than the others.


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