Shawna Bock

I would like to create a pattern for origami paper. I have chosen this because I find traditional patterned origami paper to have inspiring designs much like kimono fabric patterns. Sometimes this is a mix of geometric patterns with floral accents. I have been creating a lot of origami recently and desire something that has a modern feel to it and is lively in color. My goal is to create a pattern that uses colored shapes to form an interesting patten for origami paper. Since origami is folded and some areas may become hidden while some will become the focal point of the origami piece all areas of the pattern should be interesting.

I would like to use a harmonic palette. I would like to explore a complementary color palette or maybe a tetrad for the variety of colors this would offer the design. As these designs are often intricate I feel the biggest challenge will be in filling in the pattern with out it becoming overwhelming or chaotic. I feel that using a variety of tones, contrast, and a harmonious color palette will help me overcome this. In my first pattern I use a variety of tones within the shapes to create movement.

I like the first two designs and feel they have a lot of potential with color. However I am now more strongly attached to my third and fourth designs because they have more meaning than just shapes. Thumbnail 3 shows the constructive (or growing) cycle of elements in Feng Shui, each element has been reduced to simple shapes and set around a pentagon. Each element seems to point to the next going clockwise around the pentagon, starting at the top is fire, then earth, then metal, then water, and last wood. For the 4th thumbnail I am representing the destructive (or controlling) cycle with each element each is controlled by the one above starting with metal, then wood, the earth, then water, then fire (simplified the shape to triangles). The shapes representing each element are close to the traditional basic shapes for each element. I am looking forward to getting color into one of these.


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