Tammy Bowman

The subject I chose to base my final project on was quilting fabric. Both of my grandmothers quilted and I have some very fond memories of the quilts that they have made. I have my favorite one still with me today even though it has seen better days. I have had it since I was a child. In working with this subject matter for my final project, my goals are to utilize the knowledge and tools developed in this class to develop an exceptional portfolio piece.
I plan to achieve my goals by concentrating on using size, hue, saturation, and value to create depth and visual interest. I would like to explore using monochromatic, analogous, tetrad and split analogous color schemes for this project. For my thumbnail sketches I tried both symmetrical and asymmetrical. I tried to give a specific object in my thumbnails dominance by using saturation. I hope to further develop this in my next assignment with hue and value.

The biggest challenges I anticipate in developing your final project is using the knowledge gained through this class to better emphasize the design. I plan on overcoming these challenges by reminding myself of the material through practice and reflection on the concepts learned. I will review the material and follow advice on how to develop my work more completely.


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