Here are some of the words I’ll use to talk about your work.  If you want a word added to this lexicon please leave a note in the comment area below.

(Note that I’m still working on this page.)

parent colors

I use the words “parent color” to indicate the main color or colors in a palette.  For example, the parent color of this monochromatic palette is a yellow-green with an HSB value of 82º, 100%, 100%.W1A3example.jpg

And the parent colors of this warm analogous palette are magenta and brown:

In this more complex tetrad palette, the parent colors are the four colors in the corners.

descendant colors

Descendants are all the colors in the palette that are not parent colors.


An interval is a visual mix or blend between colors.  Any two colors can create an interval with one or more descendant colors.  The interval may have an even distribution of the parent colors or an uneven distribution.  Here are some examples:

depth/3D/sense of space

advancing color

receding color



open format cropping

closed format cropping





ground reduction



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